Trapper Education

A trapper education course teaches participants how to responsibly trap furbearing animals and bears in Maine. This comprehensive course provides a foundation of knowledge and skills upon which to build. Topics covered in the 10-hour course include trapping ethics, proper trapping equipment, responsible trap setting, and the importance of sound wildlife management practices. (See course content below.)

Maine’s Trapping Education Courses are considered home study courses. Participants must complete the online module OR the workbook AND attend the in-person course which includes a short, written exam to successfully complete the course. Upon successful completion you will receive your Maine Trapper Education Certification Card.

Trapping Education Course

  • Fur handling
  • Tools of the trade
  • Trap setting: Types of traps, trap setting, and best management practices
  • Handling and releasing animals
  • Trapping laws and regulations
  • Landowner relations and trapping ethics
  • Hands-on field exercises
  • Use of exclusion devices
  • Course includes the bear trapping module

New courses will be posted below as they become available.

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Current Courses

County Location Contact Date/Time Info
Oxford Bethel - New England Trappers Weekend/National Trappers Association, North East Regional Convention Paul Favolise - (207) 483-4779 or for questions/information August 20, 8am-4pm

Register online Either online portion or workbook/manual must be completed prior to attend

Kennebec Windsor - Windsor Fairgrounds Jasmine Pomerleau - (207) 441-3270 or for questions/information September 07, 6pm-9pm (Zoom) & September 17, 8:00am-4:30pm

Register online

Penobscot Newport - RSU 19 - Nokomis High School Suzanne Nowinski - (207) 368-3290 to register August 27, 8am-3pm
Washington Princeton - Princeton Rod & Gun Club Haleigh White - (207) 446-8051 or for questions/information August 27, 8am-5pm

Register online

Aroostook Caribou - Caribou Wellness & Recreation Center Dan Robertson - (207) 592-9559 or for questions/information September 14, 6pm-9pm & October 02 8am-4pm

Register online

Looking for the Black Bear Trapping Education course? Click here

This course is shorter and designed for those that wish only to trap black bear in Maine.