Black Bear Trapping Education

Photo by Paul Cyr Photography

Maine’s Black Bear Trapping Education course was developed by MDIFW to assure that anyone that wishes to trap bears in Maine understands the importance of black bears in our ecosystem, the role of trapping in our management program, specific laws and regulations that pertain to bear trapping, and how to participate in bear trapping safely, ethically, and lawfully.

A bear trapping permit and a trapping license or a big game hunting license are required to set a trap for a bear during the bear trapping season. To purchase a bear trapping permit, you must complete the Black Bear Trapping Education course online or in-person, exceptions apply and can be found in the trapping law summary.

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Current Courses

County Location Contact Date/Time Info
Kennebec Augusta - Sportsman Alliance of Maine Jaime Berard - (207)287-5220 or for questions/information August 07, 3pm-5pm

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Oxford Upton - Moose Ridge Wilderness School Reggie Read - (207) 504-1009 for questions/information July 27, 8:30a-12p

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