Recreational Angling for Migratory Fish

There are several species of migratory fish (such as shad, river herring/alewives, and striped bass) that are managed by the Maine Department of Marine Resources and may be found in the inland waters of Maine. Complete information on recreational angling regulations for these species, and others, can be found by visiting or by contacting the Maine Department of Marine Resources, 32 Blossom Lane, 21 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333-0021, (207) 624-6550.

Species Daily Bag & Possession Limits Length Limit
American Eel 25 fish 9 inches
River Herring 25 fish None
Shad 2 fish None
Striped Bass 1 fish

28 inch minimum;
all fish larger than 31 inches must be released alive

No Fishing Permitted

Know the S-33 Code

Maximum length limit on Landlocked Salmon and Brown Trout: 25 inches

Sea-run Atlantic salmon occur in many of Maine’s inland waters where landlocked Atlantic salmon and brown trout may also exist. Sea-run salmon are listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and therefore may not be fished or harvested. Sea-run salmon exhibit a variety of color phases from black to silver to brown, and can look similar to brown trout and landlocked salmon in coloration. Therefore, establishing a 25 inch maximum length limit (S-33) on waters where adult sea-run Atlantic salmon may occur ensures anglers will not inadvertently “take” a misidentified endangered fish. Any sea-run Atlantic salmon incidentally caught must be released immediately, alive and unin-jured. At no time should sea-run Atlantic salmon be removed from the water.