Fishing Derbies 

Upcoming Open Water and Ice Fishing Derbies

Date(s) Sponsor/Contact Information Water/Town/Weigh-In
August 7, 2021 Sponsor: Gillis Gardens LLC

Contact: Anthony Gillis

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Baskahegan Stream in Danforth and Crooked Brook Flowage

Weigh-in: Baskahegan Bridge

Total Cash Prize Amount: TBA
August 9, 2021 Sponsor: Chesuncook Village Association

Contact: Richard Parks and John Moore II

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Chesuncook Lake / Chesuncook TWP

Weigh-in: Chesuncook Village/ Graveyard point

Total Cash Prize Amount: n/a
August 13-15, 2021 Sponsor: Fort Kent International Muskie

Contact: Dennis Cyr

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
WATERS: Mainstream St. John downstream to Grand Falls Southwest, Northwest, and Baker Branches of the St. John River, including Baker Lake Depot Stream Big Black River Little Black River Allagash River upstream to Allagash Falls St. Francis river drainage

Weigh-in: Fort Kent Grand Isle

Total Cash Prize Amount: $8500.00
August 21, 2021 Sponsor: Greater Lincoln Christian Academy

Contact: Nicole Downs

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Silver Lake / Lee

Weigh-in: Silver Lake boat landing

Total Cash Prize Amount: TBA
August 22, 2021 Sponsor: Madison - Anson Days

Contact: Don French and Joey Nichols

207-431-1435 and 207-399-6462
Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Kennebec River / Madison, Anson and North Anson

Weigh-in: Madison Boat Landing

Total Cash Prize Amount: N/A
August 8, 2021 Sponsor:

Contact: Kevin McKay

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Penobscot River

Weigh-in: No weigh in, Pictures only

Total Cash Prize Amount: $2000.00
September 11 & 12, 2021 Sponsor: Sebago Lake Anglers Association

Contact: Robert Chapin

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Sebago Lake

Weigh-in: Point Sebago Resort

Total Cash Prize Amount: TBA