International Waters Between Maine and New Brunswick

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Licensing Requirements on International Waters

Either a Maine or New Brunswick license will be honored while fishing on the main body of the waters listed to the right, or on International river waters. Fishing on these waters in any area or cove where jurisdiction can be determined by a straight line drawn between two points of land, or fishing while positioned on shore or tied up to shore requires the appropriate agency license.

Waters Affected by this Section

  • Grand Lake, East, Danforth, Forest City Twp, Orient, Weston
  • Glazier Lake, T18 R10 WELS
  • Grand Falls Flowage, east of a line between red markers on McAllister Point and Abbott's Point and north to Spednic Falls.
  • Monument Brook, Amity, Orient
  • Mud Lake, Forest City
  • North Lake, Orient
  • The Thoroughfare between North Lake and East Grand Lake, Orient
  • Saint Croix River, in its entirety
  • Saint Francis River, T18 R10 WELS, T19 R11 WELS, Big Twenty Twp.
  • Saint John River, from its confluence with the St. Francis River to the easternmost border of the town of Hamlin.
  • Spednic Lake, Forest City Twp, Forest Twp, T11 R3 NBPP, and Vanceboro
  • Woodland Flowage (St. Croix River Flowage), Baileyville

To view the international boundary line use the Fishing Laws Online Angling Tool (FLOAT) or look at a Maine Atlas.

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