Androscoggin County

Lake Survey Maps

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Body of Water Alternate Name Location
Allen Pond Greene Twp.
Androscoggin Lake Leeds Twp.
Auburn Lake Auburn Twp.
Bartlett Pond Livermore Twp.
Berry Pond Greene Twp.
Black Pond Black Snake Pond Turner Twp.
Brettun's Pond Livermore Twp.
Crystal Pond Beals Pond Turner Twp.
Dead Pond Poland Twp.
Deane Pond Greene Twp.
Island Pond Leeds Twp.
Lard Pond Turner Twp.
Long Pond Livermore Twp.
Loon Pond Spear Pond Sabattus Twp.
Moose Hill Pond Livermore Falls Twp.
Mud Pond Turner Twp.
Nelson Pond Livermore Twp.
No Name Pond Lewiston Twp.
Pleasant Pond Turner Twp.
Range Pond (Lower) Poland Twp.
Range Pond (Middle) Poland Twp.
Range Pond (Upper) Poland Twp.
Round Pond Turner Twp.
Round Pond Livermore Twp.
Runaround Pond Stone Mill Pond Durham Twp.
Sabattus Pond Greene Twp.
Sabattus Pond (Little) Hooper Pond Greene Twp.
Sandy Bottom Pond Turner Twp.
Schoolhouse Pond Livermore Falls Twp.
Sutherland Pond Sabattus Twp.
Taylor Pond Auburn Twp.
Tripp Pond Poland Twp.
Wilson Pond (Little) Turner Twp.
Worthley Pond Poland Twp.