Fishing Opportunities in Western Maine/Androscoggin River Valley Region

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Stream/River Fishing for Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout

Androscoggin River from New Hampshire border to Rumford Point

  • Trophy-size rainbows and brown trout
  • Public access sites at Gilead, Bethel, West Bethel, Newry, and Hanover
  • Guided trips

Sunday River, Bethel and Newry

  • Wild rainbow trout
  • Access points at covered bridge and several points where road parallels river

Pleasant River, Mason TWP

  • Wild rainbow and brook trout

Wild River, Batchelders Grant and Gilead

  • Wild/stocked brook trout

Nezinscot River (East & West branches), Sumner and Buckfield

  • Wild/stocked brook trout (above Buckfield Dam)
  • Stocked brown trout (below Buckfield Dam)

Crooked River, Albany

  • Wild brook trout

Cold River, Stow

  • Stocked brook trout & brown trout

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Walk-in Ponds

Abbott Pond, Sumner

  • Stocked brook trout

Speck Pond, Grafton

  • Brook trout fishing in a high-elevation pond on the Appalachian Trail

Round Pond, Albany

  • Stocked brook trout pond located in White Mountain National Forest.

Overset Pond, Greenwood

  • Stocked brook trout (key to access gate available from Penley Lumber in West Paris)

Trout Pond, Stoneham

  • Stocked brook trout

Little Concord Pond, Woodstock

  • Stocked brook trout

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Drive-to Trout Ponds

Howard Pond, Hanover

  • Stocked brook trout
  • Public access near pond's outlet

Broken Bridge Pond, Albany

  • Stocked brook trout
  • Undeveloped shoreline and located in the White Mountain National Forest

Crocker Pond, Albany

  • Stocked brook trout
  • Undeveloped shoreline & located in the White Mountain National Forest

Cushman Pond, Lovell

  • Stocked brook trout

Indian Pond, Greenwood

  • Stocked with splake (brook trout/lake trout hybrid) and brook trout

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Lake Trout Fishing

Kezar Lake, Lovell

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Landlocked Salmon Fishing

Howard Pond, Hanover

South Pond, Greenwood

Bryant Pond, Woodstock

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Small Brooks/Streams for Wild Native Brook Trout

Bear River, Newry and Grafton

Jordan Brook, Riley

South Branch Sunday River, Riley

Goose Eye Brook, Riley

Kendall Brook, Bethel

Barkers Brook, Bethel/Mason

Kezar River, Lovell

  • "Kezar Falls Gorge"

Swett Brook, Albany/Waterford

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Stream/River Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Androscoggin River, Newry to Hanover

  • Trophy-size smallmouth bass
  • Public access at Newry and Hanover

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Bass Fishing in Lakes and Ponds

Twitchell Pond, Greenwood

  • Largemouth and smallmouth bass

Indian Pond, Greenwood

  • Smallmouth bass

Moose Pond, West Paris

  • Largemouth bass

Virginia Lake, Stoneham

  • Largemouth bass

Round Pond, Greenwood

  • Largemouth and smallmouth bass

Kezar Lake, Lovell

  • Largemouth and smallmouth bass

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Kids/Family Fishing Opportunities

Androscoggin River for sunfish, perch, and smallmouth bass

Any of the aformentioned brook trout streams

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Private Lands

Many of Maine's fisheries can only be accessed by using private lands. Please treat all lands you use with respect. Please, try to leave the woods and waters better than you found them to help ensure future access. Thank You.

Illegal introductions

Illegal introductions can destroy native fish populations and alter the ecology of Maine's waters, FOREVER! Introducing any fish species or possessing or transporting any live fish (except baitfish) is illegal. These are Class E Crimes punishable by a fine of $10,000 and may result in the suspension of all Department-issued licenses and permits.

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