Efforts to Determine Maine’s Wild Turkey Population

By Allen Starr, Assistant Regional Wildlife Biologist Establishing a wild turkey population in Maine has been a biological success story. A few captures and relocations from other states followed-up by in state captures and relocations has resulted in a thriving turkey population in many parts of Maine, but, depending on whom you’re talking to, Maine has either too many turkeys, too few turkeys or about the right amount.  To properly manage turkeys in Maine requires solid information on numbers of birds in various parts of the state.

Spednic Lake

By Regional Wildlife Biologist Mark A.

Katahdin Forest Management Helps Out Wintering Deer in Rockabema Deer Winter Area

By Allen Starr, IFW Wildlife Biologist Maine winters can be critical period for wildlife survival.  Fortunately, Maine’s wildlife has developed adaptations and strategies to get them through long periods of cold temperatures and deep snow. White-tailed deer have developed a strategy of seeking out mature, coniferous forests that contain trees at least 35 feet in height and provide dense canopy crown closur

For A New Generation, Are These The Good Old Days Of Deer Hunting?

By Chuck Hulsey, IFW Wildlife Biologist I grew up in southern Maine in the 1960s. Nobody in my immediate family hunted. That said, my father grew up in Depression-era Arkansas and Oklahoma and hunted small game to help put food on the table. Later, with the exception of ports of call in foreign countries during WWll, he never again picked up a gun until I was 11 years old.

Looking For Areas To Hunt? Check Out The Sebasticook Woodlands WMA and the Carlton Stream WMA

By Keel Kemper, IFW Wildlife Biologist As a regional wildlife biologist one of the most common questions that we address this time of year is “I am not a landowner so where is there a place for me to hunt”?  As posting of land has become more prevalent the sense that some sportsmen get is that there is no longer any good place left to hunt.  Oh contraire!

Black Bear Hunting Opportunities in Southern Maine

[caption id="attachment_1126" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rob Hussey provided this photo of a bear in his backyard in Wells this summer.[/caption] By Regional Wildlife Biologist Scott Lindsay Though it is no secret that southern Maine has a healthy and productive deer population, it may come as a surprise to some that black bear are regulars as well.

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Boiler Up! For Wildlife – Podcast series

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I am Purdue University Alumnus, and as such, I have participated in several projects with the University in the past, including a podcast about trail cameras on the Got Nature? Podcast series.

Changes to the Maine Moose Hunting Hours?

By now, you might have heard a bit about some "changes" to the legal hunting hours for Moose in Maine.  Recently, the Department discovered a long-standing error in the Maine Moose Hunter's Guide.

Now is the Time to Complete Your Safety Course!

Don't wait until hunting or trapping season to take your safety course, it will be too late! Most courses are offered in the late summer and early fall prior to the start of hunting seasons. Completing your course before hunting season allows you the time to become familiar with equipment, terrain, and hunting techniques.