Join Judy Outside: Opening Day

Over the past year, Covid 19 has changed almost every aspect of my life; from where and how I work, getting groceries, working out and most of all how often I get outside. I am an outdoor person, and I have always used the outdoors to help me manage stress and anxiety.

Next-Step Hunting Workshops on Swan Island Led to First-Time Deer Harvest

By Public Relations Specialist Katie Yates and participant, Jennifer Padera

Throughout summer 2020, the Department hosted several next step hunting programs on Swan Island in Richmond, Maine. The goal of these programs was to educate new adult hunters on how to blood track, field dress, and butcher deer. For many, getting into hunting for the first time can be challenging.

Maine’s Hunters and Trappers are Conservationists

By Wildlife Promotional Coordinator Lauren McPherson

Three Black Bear Recipes to Try

You may have heard a myth that black bear meat isn't as palatable as other game meat... But with proper care and the right recipe, it may just become your favorite game to eat with friends and family!

Try turkey hunting this fall!

The fall wild turkey hunting season begins on September 14! With a bag limit of up to five turkeys in some Wildlife Management Districts, there is plenty of opportunity for wild turkey this fall! We've got some tips to get you started.

The deer hunting seasons are fast approaching!

By Wildlife Biologist, Deer Specialist, Nathan Bieber

It's a Great Year to Hunt Bear, Here's Why

By Public Relations Specialist Katie Yates

Make the Most of Your Staycation, Hire a Registered Maine Guide

This summer is a great opportunity to explore all Maine has to offer and try something new. But sometimes it can be intimidating to go to an area you aren’t familiar with or learn something you have never done.

Wild Turkey Recipes

By Wildlife Special Projects Coordinator Bob Cordes and Maine Wildlife Park Game Keeper Emilie Cram

Your hard work has paid off. You scouted before the season began, practiced your turkey call, patterned your shotgun, and harvested a bird. Now it is time to enjoy your harvest with friends and family!

Here are three wild turkey recipes from MDIFW staff:

An Unusual White-Tailed Deer From Maine's 2018 Hunting Season

By Scott McLellan, Regional Wildlife Biologist  Wildlife biologists with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) spend countless hours each deer hunting season interviewing hunters and collecting a multitude of information from white-tailed deer.  This information includes, but is not limited to, collecting a tooth for aging, sex, harvest date and township, antler measurements and number of points, and retropharyngeal lymph nodes for testing of Chronic Wasting Disease.  Our goal is to evaluate 15% of the harvested deer from each wildlife management distr