The “Ready, Check, and Vaccinate!” course is now live on MEMSEd

The “Ready, Check, and Vaccinate!” course is now live on MEMSEd.  Although anyone may take the course, this course will be required ONLY FOR EMTs who are licensed and wish to participate in actually administering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations as part of an agency authorized to do so under the Vaccination Plan for Public Safety Professionals.  It is NOT required to receive the vaccine.  This program is a modification of the older “Ready, Check, Inject” (RCI) course that was developed for EMT training on IM injection of epinephrine into the thigh for anaphylaxis. However, it is geared towards vaccination administration.

Like “Ready, Check, Inject”, this course has BOTH a didactic and a practical component. The didactic part is on the MEMSEd site. Once completed, the EMT will then download the skills evaluation form and must perform the skill and successfully be evaluated in front of a qualified evaluator. Qualified evaluators include:

  • AEMTs and Paramedics

  • RNs and NPs

  • Physicians and PAs

Each course will have a certificate of completion issued. EMTs taking the Ready, Check and Vaccinate course must upload their signed skills evaluation back into the course in MEMSEd as an assignment.

EMT's who wish to provide COVID vaccinations must complete BOTH the "Ready, Check, Vaccinate" AND the "Maine EMS COVID-19 Training" programs.  Both are available on MEMSEd.

AEMT's and Paramedics who wish to provide COVID vaccinations only need to complete the "Maine EMS COVID-19 Training" program.