Official Updated Chapter 15 in Maine EMS Rules

AGENCY: 16-163 – Department of Public Safety, Emergency Medical Services Board
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 15, Maine EMS Regions and Regional Councils
CONCISE SUMMARY:  The Emergency Medical Services Board is repealing and replacing its current rules regarding Regions and Regional Councils. This repeal and replacement of the rule consolidates the current six (6) EMS regions into four (4) regions and aligns the regions with existing county boundaries. This change clarifies the process and conditions for a regional council to be recognized in each region, the manner in which regions must report their activities and finances and the manner in which those activities must be carried out, and the structure of the regional council to ensure that it adequately represents each major geographical part and stakeholder required by 32 M.R.S. §89. The rule includes and clarifies the duties of the Regional Medical Director and establishes that a region may elect to have an Associate Regional Medical Director. 
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 7, 2024
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Jason J. Cooney, Emergency Medical Services Board (Maine EMS), 152 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0152. Telephone: 207-626-3864. Email:

Secretary of State Website containing the above Notice of Adoption:

An informational copy of the new Chapter 15 Rule, as well as the entire updated Maine EMS Rules chapter is attached below and also available on the Maine EMS Rules and Statutes Page. For an official copy of the rule, please reach out to the State of Maine Secretary of State’s Office.

Chapter 15 Rule (PDF) (updated 4/7/24)

Rules - Maine Bureau of EMS (PDF) (effective 4/7/24)