Maine EMS Total Solar Eclipse Response Playbook

The 2024 solar eclipse promises to be a rare and awe-inspiring celestial event, with Maine positioned at the heart of its path of totality. We anticipate many visitors and crowds gathered to witness this event, and as EMS agencies, our preparedness is paramount to ensuring public safety and effective emergency response during this extraordinary occurrence.

As with all aspects of preparedness, the most critical component will be the relationships that EMS leaders have established with their community and regional partners. All incidents are local – they occur in the towns where we work, live, and play; they affect our neighbors and loved ones. We must take the time to engage emergency management, healthcare, public safety, and other community partners to ensure that we are ready to respond together and united. Maine EMS and other state partners, including the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), stand ready to support EMS agencies in their response efforts.

Maine EMS will always do everything in its power to support the EMS system throughout the State of Maine through resources, technical assistance, and guidance. While we do not have an operational component, the office collectively holds decades of valuable experience and knowledge that we can leverage to support EMS agencies throughout the state. Do not hesitate to reach out to Maine EMS if there is ANYTHING we can do to support you and your service – before, during, and after a disaster or emergency.

Maine EMS Total Solar Eclipse Response Playbook Operational Bulletin (PDF) (3/22/24)

Maine EMS Total Solar Eclipse Response Playbook (PDF) (3/22/24)