New Rule: Chapter 25, Implementing the Maine EMS Stabilization Program, Effective March 20, 2024

AGENCY: 16-163 – Department of Public Safety, Maine Emergency Medical Services
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 25, Implementing the Maine EMS Stabilization Program
CONCISE SUMMARY: The Emergency Medical Service’s Board is adopting a permanent rule to implement procedures for allocating stabilization funds totaling $12,000,000 to emergency medical services (hereafter “EMS”) entities created by 32 M.R.S.  §98, which are intended to provide financial assistance to EMS entities at immediate risk of failing and leaving their communities without access to adequate emergency medical services. This rule provides:

  • Eligibility criteria;
  • Allocation algorithms;
    • The maximum and minimum funding allocations based upon service type (transporting ground ambulance or nontransporting ground ambulance services);
  • The evaluation process for applications received;
  • The appeal process for application determinations;
  • Requirements and criteria for use of funds;
  • Identification of unauthorized use of funds;
  • Reporting requirements; and
    • Delegation of authority to the Director of Maine EMS to enter into agreements with qualified applicants for the disbursement of stabilization funds totaling no more than $200,000 for any eligible EMS entities.

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 18, 2024
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Jason J. Cooney, 152 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0152. Telephone: 207-626-3864, TTY: 207-287-3659, Fax: 207-287-6251. Email:

A copy of the effective rule can be found at: