Protocol App Update Feb 2, 2024

February 2 Maine EMS Protocol App Update - Current Status & Future Goals

Maine EMS is three days into release of the update to the App. We thank you all for your patience and reporting of issues seen. We have been working with the App developer and report the following progress.

With implementation of fixes, and information we have been putting out regarding installation of the app, the number of issues being reported has slowed down significantly. Maine EMS has been working closely and consistently with the app developer on fixes and even on updates to issues with the 2021 version of the app:

  • iPhone "dark mode" screen setting: The "blacked out menu screen" issue has been mitigated. We will be working for implementation of a true "dark mode" for the menus in the future. The protocol pages are PDF-based and cannot be transitioned into a "dark mode" display at this time.
  • "Missing Plugin" issue: This has been largely mitigated by deleting the app from the device and re-downloading from the App Store or Google Play to initially update the app. The app then cues the user to refresh the app.
  • "Protocols Not loaded" notification: This appears to be related to two items: the large size of the Protocol PDF file used for the app, and slow/poor/intermittent internet connection. Best recommendation is to ensure you have a good Wifi/cellular signal or internet signal strength.

Other work being done:

  • Medication Calculations: "Peaking and tweaking" medication verbiage
  • Maps: Significant update work is being done to update not only the hospitals, but hospital locations (some have moved) and hospital names which have changed with new healthcare system associations.
  • Protocol File size: As the protocols have increased in number and depth and breadth - so has the file size. Reducing the file size will help with connection and app file loading issues. We are working from multiple perspectives on this so that we may mitigate future issues for all.

Please continue to report new issues, as well as any questions, to EMS Education Coordinator, Chris Azevedo,

Thank you for your work and assistance, have a great weekend, and please be safe!