Maine EMS Hurricane Response Playbook

In light of the potential effects of Hurricane Lee, Maine EMS is publishing the first version of the Maine EMS Hurricane Response Playbook. This document is intended to serve as a resource for EMS agency leadership in preparedness, planning, response, and recovery activities before, during, and after tropical storm and hurricane disasters.

Maine EMS will be in the state’s emergency operations center (EOC) in Augusta to assist with any EMS-related matters within our capacity. It should be noted that Maine EMS does not have an operational arm; however, we are here to help coordinate resources and facilitate connections to meet the needs of the EMS system throughout the state.

Maine EMS would like to encourage EMS agencies to engage their local emergency management resources, including the county emergency management agencies, as the storm approaches. Additionally, EMS agencies should communicate to their service area the potential for extended or delayed responses based on conditions. Maine EMS recommends that ambulances not routinely respond to 9-1-1 activations when sustained winds are over 40 miles per hour. The design of ambulances (i.e., the broad surfaces) may present dangerous conditions, including flipping, when exposed to high winds.

Maine EMS Hurricane Response Playbook (PDF) (9/15/2023)