Maine EMS Board Meeting Materials Web Page added

Maine EMS has added a new section to the Maine EMS website for materials related to Maine EMS Board meetings.  This page will contain, by meeting date, public documents for ease of access to Board members, stakeholders, and the public.  We will be developing a process of how far in advance these materials will be posted, but materials related to the Sept 6, 2023 meeting are posted and future meeting info will be added as they occur.  These materials are for discussion and debate and are NOT final documents, which occur only by Board action and vote, and will be found in the approved Board minutes.

The materials can be found directly at

Additionally, there is a link on the Maine EMS Board page (under “Resources”) at as well as a link on the left column on the side of the page under “EMS Board”

Approved minutes will still be found at on the right side column.

As always, the meeting schedule and any zoom links can be found on the Maine EMS calendar, on the Maine EMS home page at