MEFIRS Transition to NEMSIS 3.5

NEMSIS 3.5 is a version update to the National EMS Information Systems (NEMSIS) data standard for EMS patient care reports (ePCRs). While the changes coming in 3.5 are not as sweeping as those from NEMSIS 2 to NEMSIS 3, this transition will require a coordinated effort between Maine Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), Maine's EMS agencies, and our ePCR vendor. The primary goal of this change is to improve the ability and flexibility to fully describe an EMS event in a way we could not do in previous NEMSIS dataset versions.

Watch for updates, training materials, and resources from MEMS, including emails, webinars, and a MEMSED course.

MEFIRS Transition to NEMSIS 3.5 (PDF) (8/7/2023)

A timeline describing steps to be taken from August 2023 through December 2023 to transition MEFIRS to NEMSIS 3.5.