EMD EIDS Tool Cessation

Maine EMS is authorizing EMD Centers to discontinue routine use of the EIDS tool on all medical calls. However, when an EMD identifies one of the following circumstances

  • Patients with symptoms of COVID-19, including Acute Respiratory Symptoms, Vomiting, Diarrhea, and/or Fever;
  • Immunocompromised Patients; and
  • Known COVID-19 Patients

through routine call processing, public safety personnel shall be provided with the relevant information to make informed decisions about their selection of personal protective equipment (PPE). EMD Centers may continue to use the term “Positive U-21” to convey this general message or may use another local standardized process to communicate important information to responders.

Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) Tool Cessation (PDF) (5/9/23)