Maine EMS Protocol app on Apple devices update

Maine EMS continues to monitor the situation regarding the Maine EMS Prehospital Protocol app difficulties for those who have updated Apple products to iOS 16. In short, we were waiting for Apple to release iOS v16.1.


iOS 16.1 is available for download now. To do so, navigate to:

Settings>General>Software Update


Our app developer has repeatedly tested our app on the four beta versions of iOS 16.1. Maine EMS has confirmed that the Maine EMS protocol app functions appropriately with iOS 16.1


As always, the protocols can be

1.     Viewed on the Maine EMS website under the protocol tab

2.     Viewed directly at

3.     Download the PDF file to a local computer from the link above

4.     Print the protocols from the link above

5.     Download the PDF to their iPhone from the link above

6.     Create a quick link on their iPhone from the link above