Naloxone Leave Behind Course Update (important for MEMSEd classes in progress)

It has become necessary to update the video presentation within the Naloxone Leave Behind Course. The course will be updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2022.

Please be advised that, if you HAVE BEGUN the video presentation, but you have NOT COMPLETED watching it, there is a possibility that the process of updating the presentation file MIGHT delete your progress in the presentation. This would mean that you would have to begin viewing the presentation and completing any of the quizzes which are embedded INSIDE the presentation, all over again. Persons CURRENTLY ENROLLED, but who have NOT finished the video presentation, will have until Monday, 24 Oct 2022 to finish the video presentation.

In order to facilitate the update, Maine EMS will have to temporarily close new enrollments into the course until Tuesday, 25 Oct 2022. Enrollment will be opened up again as soon as the update has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Maine EMS.