COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit Ordering Update

Since late 2020, Maine's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has distributed more than two million point-of-care (POC) COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to facilities serving high-risk populations or settings with limited access to testing. This distribution is in addition to the antigen testing options provided to schools and drive-up observed testing at Walgreens and many other state-supported testing efforts.

The Maine CDC's Public Health Emergency Preparedness warehouse has served as a storage and distribution point for POC antigen tests. The warehouse will transition test distribution to a more streamlined operational model through the fall. 

There is one additional limited window for POC antigen test requests. Between 10/19-10/21, eligible entities can again request tests, which will be shipped following the ordering window. After this window, Maine DHHS will maintain a small inventory of POC rapid antigen tests for outbreak support, as deemed appropriate, through the Maine CDC Epidemiology Outbreak team.

Entities must still meet the core requirements outlined since program inception and noted on the order page through the link below to receive tests. These tests are intended to support the screening of symptomatic individuals. Because of the volume of requests anticipated, DHHS encourages entities to submit one request rather than multiple ones. In addition, Maine DHHS may not be able to fulfill all requests based on available inventory, the recent volume of tests provided to an entity, or if an alternate source of tests is available. 

Maine DHHS will maintain testing options through other established programs, including Project ACT – which distributes kits of five tests to households – and drive-up testing at many Walgreens sites.

Entities can request tests through the following link:

As we shift into the current phase of the pandemic, Maine DHHS remains grateful to our many partners throughout the state that have supported the health and safety of Maine people through COVID-19 testing efforts.

Operational Bulletin: Maine DHHS COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit Ordering (PDF) (10/17/22)