Expired EMS License Waiver Notification & Process

On May 4, 2022, the Maine EMS Board approved a waiver request from the Maine EMS Labor Committee to allow EMS clinicians whose license has expired, or will expire, within the last two years to be able to relicense at the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) levels for a period of two-years without demonstrating the required continuing education hours needed for traditional reinstatement. The individual must have all protocol update activities completed before delivering any patient care. This provisional license will be active for two years. The individual must meet all other requirements for license renewal at expiration to renew the license, which will then become a regular, versus “provisional” license.

Using this method, individuals licensed at the Paramedic or Advanced EMT level may relicense at the EMR or EMT level. It is important to note that Maine EMS feels strongly that continuing education is a critical underpinning of the quality of the Maine EMS system.

The criteria to take advantage of this reinstatement opportunity to obtain a two-year, provisional EMR or EMT license:

•          The license expired or will expire between May 4, 2020, and May 4, 2023, and

•          The individual meets all other requirements for license renewal, including, but not limited to, a Maine background check.

This waiver will expire on June 1, 2023.

Maine EMS Waiver For Expired Clinician Licenses (PDF) (5/25/22)

Operational Bulletin can be found at Expired License Reinstatement Opportunity (PDF) (5/26/22)

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