Documenting the Naloxone Dispensation protocol in MEFIRS

On Monday, May 16, 2022, Maine EMS clinicians will begin to see the ability to document the Naloxone Dispensation protocol, specifically, administering the Leave-Behind Naloxone Education. Leave-Behind Naloxone Education documentation will be required when treating a patient for an opiate overdose who subsequently refuses transport. In addition to documenting the procedure of "Leave-Behind Naloxone Education" when treating a patient for an opiate overdose, EMS clinicians will complete either a worksheet or a survey depending on the patient, for the patient, their family, or friends, accepting the leave-behind naloxone. You can find a full copy of the change notice below or on the MEFIRS Bulletins webpage.

Naloxone Dispensation Documentation in MEFIRS (PDF) (5/9/22)

  • The worksheet collects information regarding who the Maine EMS clinician provided the Maine EMS-approved naloxone leave-behind kit and associated education, and
  • The survey collects information regarding any barriers to naloxone dispensation if the Maine EMS-approved naloxone kit and associated education are not available or are not accepted by the patient, their family, or friends.