2023 Protocol Updates

The 2023 Protocol Review and Revision process continues at the April MDPB meeting, next Wednesday 20 Apr 2022, at 0900. This meeting is a virtual meeting only and will be held using the ZOOM platform.  This month, the MDPB section authors present their change suggestions for the ORANGE section of the protocols for review and discussion by the MDPB. See and hear the protocol authors present their suggestions and listen to the discussion. The approved changes will be presented for comments and questions at a later Protocol Update Forum.

Speaking of Protocol Update Forums, MDPB and Maine EMS would like to thank all who attended the first protocol forum of the 2023 process last month. Attendance was terrific, and there was plenty of room for more. All participants got a chance to learn more about this cycle’s process for suggesting changes to the protocols and ask the physicians questions about the upcoming cycle.

Reminder, the NEXT EMS Stakeholder Protocol Update forum is scheduled for Thursday, 12 May 2022, at noon. This meeting is a virtual meeting only and will be held using the ZOOM platform. The GOLD section change proposals have been completed and approved by the MDPB and this session will be exclusively dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the GOLD section change proposals. DON’T MISS your opportunity to see the changes and discuss them directly with the section authors!

Links to attend both next week’s MDPB meeting and next month’s EMS Stakeholder Protocol Update Forum can be found on the Maine EMS website homepage, on the “Upcoming Events” calendar.

We hope to see you there.