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Maine EMS Continuing Education FAQ

Maine EMS clinicians are required to maintain a Maine EMS license.  This is separate from NREMT certification.  Some common questions about licensing and continuing education are:

  1. What is the difference between CEH and CME?
    • There is no difference.  Hospital based personnel often use the term continuing medical education (CME) whereas EMS personnel often use the term continuing education hours (CEH).
  2. Do I have to be Nationally Registered in Maine?
    • Yes and No.  If a clinician has never been licensed/certified in another state, then they would need to be NREMT certified to obtain a Maine EMS license.  Those licensed/certified in another state do not need to be NREMT certified.  Once a clinician has a Maine EMS license, they do not need to maintain their NREMT, although Maine EMS encourages clinicians to maintain this for professional and future use.  Our office often hears  from clinicians that "I never should have let my NREMT lapse".
  3. Can I do my continuing education hours online?
    • Yes and No.  Maine EMS requires a combination of didactic and practical education.  Any education listed as BLS or ALS skills must be done as live in person practical education.  All other CEHs can be done online if CAPCE or state EMS approved.  Please note this is NOT the case for NREMT, as they have specific limitations around online education.  Please visit NREMT for more information.
  4. What online courses does Maine accept?
    • Maine EMS accepts any class that has CAPCE or state EMS approval.  To receive credit, clinicians should attach a copy of the completion certificate to the relicensure application as a pdf.
  5. Can I use college classes for CEH credit?
    • Maybe.  College classes will be considered for credit based on the applicability to EMS licensure (CEH Category Definitions (PDF) (11/6/23)).  In order to be considered, please provide a copy of the detailed course information, syllabus and proof of successful completion.  Please discuss this with our education coordinator by emailing
  6. Can I use CEHs from other states?
    • Yes.  Maine accepts CEH that has been approved by all states, please ensure it follows the CEH Category Definitions (PDF) (11/6/23). 
  7. Can I get credit for my current license if I am taking a class upgrading my license?
    • If you are currently licensed and wish to use time in a class that you are taking (e.g. you are an EMT taking an AEMT course), please use this form for credit.
  8. Why don't I see my _____ (CPR/ACLS/PHTLS/PALS/etc) card on my CEH report?
    • Classes taken that are pre-approved standardized courses (see list here) do not have a Maine EMS roster and thus do not appear in your Maine CEH report.  Proof of completion and CEH credit (see credit assigned here) is given by providing a digital copy of the completion certificate/card when the clinician relicenses.  The card must be current as of the clinician relicense date in order to receive credit. To upload copies and manage your CEH in eLicensing, watch this video guide.
  9. How many hours do I need to relicense?
  10. What if my license is expired?
    • Please find information around this here.
  11. Can I relicense from my NREMT?
    • Yes.  If you have a valid NREMT certificate, you may submit the NREMT number on your relicensure form.  Maine EMS will verify it (you do not need to submit a copy of your card) and issue you a new license that matches the expiration date of your NREMT card.


Maine EMS Education (MEMSEd) System

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You will use your elicensing/MEFIRS user name and password. If your password does not work, you will need to reset the password at eLicensing, using the reset password feature. This new password will be valid for MEMSEd, MEFIRS and eLicensing. Passwords must:

  • Have a minimum of eight characters.
  • Contain at least one upper and one lower case character.
  • Contain at least one number.
  • Contain at least one special character (such as # or *). Do not use an exclamation point.

If you are not a Maine licensed EMS clinician, you will need to create an account and your sign-in information will be emailed to you. If you have problems with signing in please email and we will assist you as soon as possible.