Emergency Medical Services Stabilization Program

On July 11, 2023, Governor Mills signed a historic budget into law that included $31 million dollars to support the Maine Emergency Medical Services Stabilization and Sustainability Fund grant program. The funding became available on October 26th and the EMS Board passed an emergency rule on December 6th allowing Maine EMS to proceed with the $12 million dollar Stabilization component of the grant program.

The grant program will provide one time funding to qualified Maine based emergency medical services entities throughout the state to ensure Mainers have continued access to high quality emergency medical services. Maine EMS seeks to support this mission by ensuring that funding is used in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Steps to Apply: 

  1. Review each of the following items:
    • Enabling Legislation 
    • Program Rule  
    • Program Overview  
    • Frequently Asked Questions (if necessary)

  2. Gather the necessary documents
    • Your State of Maine Vendor Code
    • Income Statements for the current and previous fiscal year  
    • Balance sheets for the current and previous fiscal year 
  3. Watch the video tutorial. 

  4. Download a copy of the application guide to prepare for completing the program application. 

  5. Prepare your responses on the application guide. 

  6. Select the “Apply for the Program” button below to begin your Maine EMS Stabilization Funding Program Application. 

EMS Agency Funding Eligibility 

Please review the instructions (above) and have ALL materials ready before applying for the Program.

Please note that this form must be completed in one sitting. If you close the form before submitting it, your progress will not be saved.


Apply for the Program 

For questions on the program, please contact Maine EMS Grants