Bonus Sessions

Join the digital learning specialists in bonus sessions that cover a variety of topics based on requests and popular demand.

Building Your Bitmoji Classroom

Interested in learning more about the "Bitmoji Craze"? Join us for an exploration into building a Bitmoji classroom. Whether you're using Bitmoji or just want to create a virtual classroom, this is a great session that is not limited to Bitmoji.

Click here to watch the "Buliding Your Bitmoji Classroom" webinar.

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K for ME: Read Aloud Enrichment Through Tech

This session, part of the K for ME Technology Supplemental series, covers how technology can be utilized to enhance read alouds.  Read alouds are an important method of building literacy and sharing knowledge with students. Full class read alouds can be enriched by document cameras, projectors and some new apps that provide additional music and sound effects.  When full class read alouds cannot happen, small groups or individuals can enjoy read alouds through the magic of video. Check out this session to learn more!

Click here to watch the "Read Aloud Enrichment Through Tech" webinar.

Click here to access the accompanying slide deck.

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Leveraging GSuite Tools for Asynchronous Learning

Originally created for the MOOSE project, this webinar discusses the use of GSuite tools for asynchronous learning and has implications for all asynchronous learning.

Click here to watch the "Leveraging GSuite Tools for Asynchronous Learning" webinar.

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