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Date of Office Hour Topics Covered File Type/Size
9/12/2023 Fy24 Monitoring -Tydings and Title IA Carryover Waivers -Title IA Family Engagement Requirements -Title IA Summer Reallocated Performance Reports -Nonpublic Consultation Documentation -Expiring FY21 Funds Video (22 minutes)
8/01/2023 Tydings Amendment, ESEA Application Reminders, Fiscal Corner: Pre-Award Costs, Substantial Approval, Reimbursements Video (19 minutes)
7/11/2023 Monitoring Selection, Title IIA & Curriculum Development, FY24 ESEA Application Reminders, User Access on Grants4ME, Fiscal Corner: Substantial Approval &Obligations Video (24 minutes)

FY24 ESEA Application, Federal Waivers and Public Comment, Rank & Distribution Training, Title IA Equitable Shares, Title II Allowability, Fiscal Corner: Splitting Invoices, Purchased Services & Travel

Video (28 minutes)
5/9/2023 Monitoring Update, Preliminary Allocations, Ranking & Distribution for Title IA, State Assessment & Impact on Applications, Public Comment Period, Updating the CNA, Non-public consultation, Fiscal Corner: Budgeting, Invoicing, and Purchased Services Video (22 minutes)


Monitoring, Title IA Allocations Update, Considerations for new Maine Through Year Assessment, Fiscal Reminders: date of obligation, travel expenses, and required documentation Video (31 minutes)
3/21/2023 Formal Monitoring, Title IIA Survey, Assessment Training, FY24 Title I Allocations, Equitable Services Survey Video (23 minutes)
2/14/2023 Title IA Reallocated Grant Opportunity, ESSA Data Dashboard, Fiscal: Budgeting, Invoicing, and Travel Reimbursement Video (15 minutes)
1/10/2023 Applying for Schoolwide Authority, Comparability, FY24 Title V Eligibility Data Collection, Fiscal: Budgeting and Invoicing Video (12 minutes)
12/13/2022 Monitoring Update, FY24 Title V Eligibility, FY22 Performance Report, Invoicing, 15% Title I Carryover, Comparability Video (15 minutes)
11/08/2022 FY22 Reallocation Grant, FY22 Performance Report, FY20 and FY21 Closeout, Invoicing Video (14 minutes)
10/11/2022 FY22 Reallocation Grant, Fiscal Requirements, FY22 Performance Report Video (21 minutes)
9/13/2022 FY23 ESEA Application, Title I Family Engagement Requirements, Invoicing, Non-public consultation and documentation Video (30 minutes)
7/12/2022 FY23 ESEA Application, Tydings Amendment Waiver, Fiscal Information, Monitoring, Maine DOE Educator Summit Video (40 minutes)
6/14/2022 ESEA Application, Tydings Amendment Waiver, New Resources, Maine Educator Summit, Time & Effort Update, FY21 Performance Report Video (55 minutes)

Schoolwide application, Invoicing Tips, Parent and Family Engagement, Educator Summit 

Video (24 minutes)

FY23 Preliminary Allocations, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Title II, Part A Survey, FY23 Title V Eligibility, Submitting backup documentation

Video (28 minutes)

Title I Reallocation Grant Opportunity, ESSA Data Dashboard, School-Parent Compact, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Title II, Part A Survey

Video (40 minutes)
1/11/2022 FY 22 Title IA Comparability, Schoolwide Authority, Invoicing Roundtable Discussion, Time & Effort Video (32 minutes)
2/8/2022 Regional Program Manager Updates, Title IA Reallocated Grants, FY23 Title V Eligibility, Time & Effort Video (40 minutes)