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Date of Office Hour Topics Covered Link
6/11/2024 FY25 ESEA Applications, Non-Public School Equitable Services, Title IIA Monitoring Takeaways, Title III Consortium, Title IA Allowability: Furniture; Fiscal Corner: Invoicing, Grant Periods, Substantial Approval Video (22 minutes)
5/15/2024 FY25 ESEA Application, public comment period, CNA updates, non-public school consultation, Title I Summer Reallocated, Title I Committee of Practitioners, etc. In addition, fiscal related items discussed were concerning required policies and procedures and Grants4ME errors. Video (20 minutes)
4/9/2024 FY24 Spring monitoring, FY25 delay in preliminary allocations, Title II allocation changes, and fiscal-related reminders: reimbursement, contracts, budgeting, period of performance Video (26 minutes)
3/12/2024 FY25 Preliminary Allocations, Spring Monitoring, Tydings Amendment Waiver, Title I Summer Reallocated, Equitable Services, Fiscal Corner: Invoicing, Reimbursements, Temporary Holds Video 19 minutes
02/13/2024 Winter Monitoring Next Steps, Title IA Summer Reallocated Application, Allowability: Family Engagement/Means, Equitable Services Training, Maine's Model of School Support, Fiscal Corner: Open Grants, Splitting Invoices, Temporary Holds for ESEA funds Video (29 minutes)
01/11/2024 Applying for Title I Schoolwide Authority, Title IA Comparability, Fall Assessment and Accountability School Identifications, Fall and Winter Monitoring, Title III Consortia, Title III: Supplement, Not Supplant, Fiscal Corner: Invoice Backup Documentation, Grant Period of Performance, Non-Public School Reimbursement Process, and Splitting Invoices Video (23 minutes)
12/12/2023 Fall Assessment & Accountability School Identifications, Fall Monitoring, FY23 Performance Report and FY21 Closeout, 15% Carryover Rule for Title I Funds, Title III Consortia, Supplement Not Supplant, Immigrant Children and Youth Update, and Non-Public Reimbursement for Equitable Services Video (40 minutes)
11/14/2023 FY23 Performance Report, FY23 Monitoring, FY21 Closeout, Non-Public Reconciliation, Title II Professional Development, Fiscal Corner: Substantial Approval, Splitting Invoices, FY21 Funds Video (30 minutes)
10/10/2023 FY23 Monitoring, FY23 Performance Report, Title IIA Course Reimbursement, Fiscal Corner: Obligation, Substantial Approval, Travel Policy Video (38 minutes)
9/12/2023 FY24 Monitoring -Tydings and Title IA Carryover Waivers -Title IA Family Engagement Requirements -Title IA Summer Reallocated Performance Reports -Nonpublic Consultation Documentation -Expiring FY21 Funds Video (22 minutes)
8/01/2023 Tydings Amendment, ESEA Application Reminders, Fiscal Corner: Pre-Award Costs, Substantial Approval, Reimbursements Video (19 minutes)