Getting Started as an Educator in Maine


An educator preparation program is where you gain the skills to teach. In an educator prep program, the teaching program is embedded in the bachelor's degree you earn. Knowing the credentialing requirements to becoming certified to work in Maine can be helpful as you make decisions regarding which educator prep program is a good fit for you. To learn more about educator preparation programs in Maine, follow the button below. 

Maine Educator Preparation Programs


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Choosing to teach in an approved teacher shortage area, may qualify a portion of your education loans for deferred payments. Follow this link to learn more about student debt-relief programs for educators. 


Maine DOE has a strong Certification Team dedicated to supporting educators throughout their careers. Background checks are required for any role in Maine education. Specific requirements for certification vary from credential to credential. Maine offers pathways to certification thus honoring the unique journey of the individual. To learn more about these pathways, follow the button below.  

How to become a Maine Educator

A checklist to guide getting started to becoming a teacher. The checklist states choose your teaching interests, certification, path to teaching, educator preparation program.

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