Why Work in Education?

The people of Maine are lifelong learners served by an innovative, equitable, and learner-centered public education system.  Maine honors and values the expertise of support staff, educators, school leaders, and district administrators. 

From our whole student approach to innovative instructional practices, technology integration, and pioneering outdoor learning initiatives, we invite you to learn more about the opportunities in Maine education.  

Diverse Community icon celebrating the variety of roles people have in school administrative units.
Be a Part of the School Community

We celebrate the many  people who provide a web of connected support in our schools. To learn more, follow the link to Be a Part of the School Community

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Empower & Inspire

We celebrate that curiosity, inquiry, and discovery are at the heart of learning and this is why we teach. To learn more, follow the link to Why Teach. 

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Lead by Example 

We celebrate that when actions and words align, they bring out the best in everyone and this is why we choose to lead. To learn more, follow the link to Why Lead.  



Emily Doughty

Emily Doughty
Educator Excellence Coordinator

Diana Doiron

Diana Doiron
Education Workforce Development