Why Lead?


Foster a Culture of Inclusion 

There is a commitment in Maine to create the conditions in our education spaces for people to be seen for their unique contributions, to be connected to others, to feel supported in day- to- day responsibilities, and to feel a sense of belonging and pride in what everyone is building together. Maine's education leaders lead by example and create these spaces together with their staff. 

Maine is committed to increasing the racial, ethical, and multilingual diversity of our education workforce beyond our current diversity in a few Maine cities. We would love to have you join Maine's education community. 

A photo by Mars Sector of two people of color collaborating while working with a computer.


Empower Agency 

Leadership comes in many forms in Maine education and Maine education leaders are talent builders as they provide opportunities that support leadership development within their staff. We have the typical hierarchy of positions within our central offices and schools and we also have leadership and agency facilitated and embraced in bountiful ways by our teachers, staff, and students within our schools, across communities, and across our state. 

If you want to play an active role in creating the conditions that empower people to fully realize their own capacity and power, then a leadership role in Maine education may be a good fit for you.

Leadership positions are highly-skilled roles and have specific requirements to be certified in Maine. To learn more about becoming certified in Maine, follow the Certification Requirements button below. 


Certification Requirements



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