What is NEO Staff?


Staff data for Maine schools are located in the MDOE application called NEO Staff.

What is NEO Staff?

The NEO Staff system is an application to record data on all staff members. NEO Staff uses a hierarchy data entry methodology by providing only the necessary options to an end-user for completing the task at hand. Data entered in NEO Staff is used for both EPS and Certification needs as well as providing reports as needed for federal programs. The NEO Staff System is NOT a personnel system. Your district has one of those already. There is no association with the NEO Staff data and the data Maine PERS retirement system may collect. NEO Staff simply lists staff members who are actively employed at any moment in time during a school year.

Who needs to be entered into NEO Staff?

All staff persons employed by the school administrative unit must be entered into NEO Staff. In addition, all contractors employed in a position required for EPS reporting and/or in a position with sustained direct unsupervised access to students must be entered into NEO Staff.

Include contracted staff for work that is considered part of the regular operations.

  1. Include individuals who contract directly with a school district; this is not limited to cases in which the individual receives retirement and other benefits from the district or state. Examples may include bus drivers, school nurses, psychologists, physical therapists.
  2. Include staff employed by another entity that is contracted to provide work that can be considered part of the district’s regular operations. These staff work within the district but are employees of the entity with which the district contracts. The district does not pay retirement or other benefits. Examples may include staff of the school; school security personnel provided by a private firm; or charter school teachers who are employees of a charter school operator.

Do not include employees of contractors who provide a non-regular service; these are staff furnished by the contractor, on- or off-site, to provide the service. Examples may include carpenters, electricians, etc. working for a firm hired to refurbish a school building, or cooks and truck drivers who prepare and deliver meals once a week to schools under a contract with a food-service firm.

The distinction between staff reported and not reported is whether the service is part of the district’s regular operation or if it is a non-regular service. For example, if a district contracts with a company for a school bus driving service (where the buses are used regularly), the drivers should be reported. If a district contracts with a company for lunchroom services onsite, the food servers who serve the students on daily basis should be reported as well.

Employees of a construction company hired to build an addition to the school should not be reported.

How do I log into NEO Staff?

Go to the following URL:

Username most likely is your email address Password would have been something you created.

I can’t Log in to NEO Staff?

If you have never logged into NEO before, or if you already have a NEO account but just need access to an additional module or increased security role in an existing module, your Superintendent will first need to submit a completed NEO Access Request Form.

If you already have a NEO account but have either forgotten your username or password, call the MEDMS Helpdesk and we can reset your password. If you enter the wrong password three or more times, you will be locked out of the system and the Helpdesk will also have to unblock your account.

NEO Staff Help Documents

For more information on NEO Staff, view our help documents.