Child Care Training & Education

There are many training opportunities available to people currently employed in the child care field or thinking about child care as a career.

Technical Colleges and Public and Private Colleges and Universities offer Early Childhood coursework, degrees and/or certificate programs. Our Guide to Higher Education for Child Care and Early Childhood Education Careers in Maine offers information about programs offered through Higher Education and also a detailed listing of each College or University that offers a degree program in Early Childhood.

The Maine roads to Quality Registry and Career Lattice is our state's child care and early education professional recognition system. As a Registry member, you receive recognition for your experience working with children and families, your ongoing training and your educational accomplishments in early childhood education or related fields.

Maine Roads to Quality (MRTQ), through regional child care Development Centers, offer trainings through their Core Knowledge Training Program. Visit the Maine Roads to Quality website for a listing of trainings being offered near you.