Child Welfare Reports

Child Protective Services Report

Each year the Office of Child and Family Services produces an annual Child Protective Services (CPS) Report that provides information regarding the number of child abuse reports received each year and what happens with those reports. The information provided includes report source, family composition, numbers of families where child maltreatment was found, age and gender of maltreatment victims, and other general categories

Child and Family Services Plans and Reports

The Children’s Bureau, an Office of the Federal Administration for Children & Families oversees each state’s Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP) which is a five-year strategic plan that sets forth the vision and the goals to be accomplished to strengthen the states’ overall child welfare system. The Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR) provides annual updates on the progress made toward accomplishing the goals and objectives in the CFSP.


Annual Reports


Casey Family Program Review Summary and Recommendations

In July of 2021 the Department asked Casey to evaluate existing child safety policies in the context of five child fatalities that occurred in June of 2021 and to offer interim policy recommendations that could be implemented by the State of Maine to support child and family safety. Casey partnered with Collaborative Safety, an organization that uses safety science methods to conduct critical incident reviews, to conduct this independent assessment. Casey has partnered with Collaborative Safety to conduct such reviews in other child welfare jurisdictions throughout the country. This document encompasses the summary and recommendations that resulted from their review.

Child Fatality Report

This fatality data includes reports of child deaths that:

  • Are due to homicide as determined by the Medical Examiner, regardless of whether there was child protective history with the family;
  • Have Office of Child and Family Service (OCFS) findings of abuse and/or neglect associated with the death, regardless of whether there was child protective history with the family or whether there are law enforcement findings; or
  • Had a child protective history before or during the child’s life, even when the cause of death was natural, accidental, or undetermined.

Some information has been redacted, at the direction of the Office of the Maine Attorney General, because the manner of death is still listed as pending by the Medical Examiner’s office, and/or because there is a pending criminal proceeding.

The child deaths in June 2021 that DHHS previously announced are not included in this list due to ongoing criminal investigations and/or proceedings. Those that fall under the criteria noted above will be added at an appropriate time upon advice of the Office of the Maine Attorney General.