Policy & Rules

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Table of Contents & Glossary

Child Welfare Policy Manual Glossary (Word)
Child Welfare Policy Manual Table of Contents (Word)

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 Practice Model (PDF)
1.2 Collaboration (PDF)

Chapter 2 - Child Protective Services

2.1 Intake Screening and Assignment (PDF)
2.2 Child Protection Investigation (PDF)
2.3 Safe Sleep Checklist and Period of Purple Crying (PDF)
2.4 Audio Recording Interviews (PDF)
2.5 Assessment in Substance Abusing Families (PDF)
2.6 Response to Substance Exposed Infants (SEI) (PDF)
2.7 Safe Haven (PDF)
2.8 Child Abuse and Neglect Findings (PDF)
2.9 Use of Expert Consultation in Assessing Child Abuse or Neglect (PDF)
2.10 Short Term Emergency Services (PDF)

Chapter 3 - Services When Children are in DHHS Custody

3.1 Permanency (PDF)
3.3 Entry Into Care Policy (PDF)
3.4 Selection of Substitute Care Placement (PDF)
3.5 Placement with DHHS Employees and AAGs (PDF)
3.6 Levels of Care (PDF)
3.7 Education (PDF)
3.8 Transportation (PDF)
3.9 Youth Transition Services (PDF)
3.10 Missing and Runaway Youth Policy (PDF)
3.11 Refugee, Immigrant, and Undocumented Minors (PDF)
3.12 Sex Education (PDF)
3.13 Release of Liability Forms (PDF)
3.14 Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Services (EPSDT) (PDF)
3.15 Legal Change of Name for Minor Child in DHHS Custody (PDF)
3.16 Behavior Support and Management (PDF)
3.17 School Transfer (PDF)
3.18 Residential Services (PDF)
3.19 Respite Care (PDF)
3.20 Financial Support by Parents (PDF)
3.21 Trust Funds and Other Settlements (PDF)
3.22 Payment for Medical and Dental Services (PDF)
3.23 Marriage (PDF)
3.24 Hunting Licenses (PDF)
3.26 Funeral Services for Children in Care (PDF)
3.27 Relative Placement and Kinship Care Including Fictive Kin (PDF)

Chapter 4 - Medical Authorization and Treatment

4.1 Authorization of Use of Antipsychotic Medication (PDF)
4.2 Immunization of Children in the Custody of DHHS (PDF)
4.3 Medical Treatment Order (PDF)
4.4 Consent for Non-Routine Health Care Procedures (PDF)
4.5 Children Requiring Hospitalization (PDF)
4.6 Rules on the Disclosure of HIV Status Information (PDF)

Chapter 5 - Resource Homes for Children

5.1 Resource Home Licensing Policy (PDF)

Chapter 6 - Adoption

6.2 Adoption Recruitment, Placement and Supervision (PDF)
6.3 Adoption Assistance (PDF)
6.4 Confidentiality of and Access to Departmental Adoption Records (PDF)
6.5 Legal Risk Adoption Placement Request (PDF)
6.6 Adoption from Permanency Guardianship (PDF)

Chapter 7 - Cross-Program Topics

7.1 Family Team Meetings (PDF)
7.2 Domestic Abuse and Violence (PDF)
7.3 Domestic Violence Homicide Emergency Assessment (PDF)
7.4 Indian Child Welfare (PDF)
7.5 Family Share (PDF)
7.6 Background Checks (PDF)
7.7 After Hours Services (PDF)
7.9 Methamphetamine Exposure (PDF)
7.10 Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (HTCSEC) (PDF)
7.11 Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) (PDF)

Chapter 8 - Case Records

8.1 Documentation (PDF)
8.2 Determining Access to the Departments Records (PDF)
8.3 Health Records (PDF)
8.4 Protocol for Disclosure of Information to Legislators (PDF)

Chapter 9 - Legal and Investigative Resources and Procedures

9.5 Diligent Search (PDF)
9.6 Verification of Vital Statistics (PDF)
9.7 Interested Party (PDF)
9.13 Discovery Protocol (PDF)
9.15 Legal Representation (PDF)
9.16 Examinations by Experts and Motions for Examination (PDF)
9.17 Court Subpoenas and Witnesses (PDF)
9.18 Investigatory Subpoenas (PDF)
9.20 Appearance in Court (PDF)
9.23 Appeals (PDF)
9.24 Routing of Legal Documents (PDF)
9.25 Legal Billing (PDF)
9.27 Relationship to Law Enforcement (PDF)

Chapter 10 - OCFS Staff and Administrative Practices

10.1 Staff Safety and High Risk Situations (PDF)
10.2 Decision Making and Service Authorization (PDF)
10.3 Inter-District Coordination and Transferring of Cases (PDF)
10.4 Supervisory Policy (PDF)
10.5 Email Confidentiality Protocol (PDF)
10.6 Phone and Voicemail (PDF)
10.7 Child Death and Serious Injury Internal Case Review (PDF)

Maine Community Services Block Grant

Draft- FFY24-25 CSBG State Plan (PDF)
Maine CSBG CARES Act (COVID 19) Supplemental Grant State Plan (PDF)
Maine Community Services Block Grant FFY2020-2021 State Plan (PDF)
Designation Letter (PDF)
Maine CSBG Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF)
Maine CSBG Monitoring Plan and Tools (PDF)
Maine CSBG Application SF424M FFY 20 and FFY21 (PDF)
Maine CSBG Model State Plan Eligible Entities (PDF)

Social Services Block Grant

Social Services Block Grant FFY2024 Intended Use Plan (PDF)
Social Services Block Grant FFY 2024 Pre-expenditure Report (PDF)
Social Services Block Grant FFY2024 SF 424M (PDF)
Social Services Block Grant Federal Financial Reporting (FFR) Form SF-425 (PDF)