Resources for Foster or Adoptive Parents

OCFS is grateful for the service of Maine’s resource and adoptive parents. These individuals make a difference in the lives of some of Maine’s most vulnerable children and OCFS strives to support them throughout the processes of fostering and adopting.

Support resources for resource and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers:

Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine (AFFM)

OCFS partners with AFFM to provide support to resource and adoptive families. AFFM also provides specific support to Maine’s kinship caregivers. AFFM’s mission is to provide training, guidance, knowledge, and resources to resource and adoptive parents. Examples of their services include support groups, assistance with material goods, mentor services, and an annual training.

Community Health and Counseling Services (CHCS)

OCFS partners with CHCS to provide resource and adoptive parents, kinship caregivers, and legal guardians with services and supports to help them manage the stresses sometimes associated with caring for a child who is currently or formerly in State custody. The goal is to ensure that children can maintain their placement until they are able to reach permanency and these parents have access to support specific to the unique needs related to fostering and adopting. 

OCFS Resources for resource and adoptive parents: