Paying for Child Care

Child Care Affordability Program (CCAP)

What is CCAP?

CCAP helps eligible families to pay for child care so parents can work, go to school, or participate in a job training program. CCAP is also available for eligible families where the adult(s) are retired and are the legal guardian of a child.

Who is eligible to receive CCAP?

CCAP Eligibility Guidelines

CCAP Initiatives

How do I apply for CCAP?

There are 3 ways to apply.

  1. Print, complete, and return the application by mail:
  2. Call OCFS 1-877-680-5866 or (207) 624-7999 Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
  3. Visit your local DHHS office to receive a printed application. Find your local DHHS office or call 1-877-680-5866 or (207) 624-7999.

Who can I choose as my child care provider?

  • Licensed child care centers
  • Licensed family child care providers
  • Adults who provide care in their own homes
  • Adults who come to your home to provide care
  • Relatives over the age of 18

How do I find a child care provider?

Are there out-of-pocket costs?

CCAP requires parents to pay a portion of child care costs on a sliding scale.

Child Care Affordability Program (CCAP) Contacts

General Assistance

Toll Free 1-877-680-5866 or (207) 624-7999
Fax (207) 287-6308

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for Androscoggin County

Erika Cloutier
Tel: (207) 624-7933

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for Knox, Lincoln, Hancock, Franklin, Sagadahoc, and Aroostook Counties

Randy Whitman
Tel: (207) 624-7943

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for Kennebec County

Patti Shellenbarger
Tel: (207) 624-7995

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for York and Oxford Counties

Glenna Belanger
Tel: (207) 624-7929

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for Penobscot County

Jennifer Fisher
Tel: (207) 624-7980

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for Cumberland County

Emily Cunningham
Tel: (207) 624-7988

CCAP Eligibility Specialist for Somerset, Piscataquis, Waldo and Washington Counties

Linda Dyer
Tel: (207) 624-7909

CCAP Integrity and Recovery

Effie Harding
Tel: (207) 624-7906

CCAP Specialist Supervisor

Ashley Batchelder
Tel: (207) 624-7981

CCAP Manager

Kerri Wyman
Tel: (207) 626-8660

Child Care Services Program Manager

Crystal Arbour
Tel: (207) 626-8683

Child Care Tax Credits

Maine’s Dependent Care State Tax Credit

The Maine Dependent Care State Tax Credit allows families to deduct the cost of eligible child care and dependent care from their state taxes. More information can be found on the Maine Revenue Services website.