Disability Services Reform Innovation Work Group

This work group will address the need for a fair and consistent needs assessment, flexible supports for families and individuals over the lifespan, prevention and de-escalation of crises, innovative living options and technology to enhance independence.


  • Donna Benson
  • Bonnie Jean Brooks
  • Staci Converse
  • Laura Cordes
  • Ryan Cullen
  • Deborah Dionne
  • Janet Hamel
  • Maggie Hoffman
  • Kim Humphrey
  • Jennifer Keaton
  • Kristy Kenney
  • Alan Kurtz
  • Misty Neiman
  • Ann Russell
  • Mary Chris Semrow
  • Monique Stairs
  • Andy Taranko

Final Reform Work Project Plan

Adopt standardized assessment, adopt shared living changes based on pilot, develop one or more service innovations based on summit and research, and consolidate service offerings in single lifespan program.

Monthly Meeting Notes

  • September 2020

PowerPoint and Handouts

  • September 2020