Disability Services Reform Community Membership Work Group

This work group will address greater inclusion in the community through employment, access to community resources and places, self-advocacy, person-centered thinking, supported decision making and implementation of the federal HCBS setting rule.


  • Margaret Cardoza
  • Lisa Cline
  • Rachel Dyer
  • Derek Fales
  • Cheryl Guimond
  • Amanda Karomba
  • Linda LaRue-Keniston
  • Wanda Linsey
  • Janet May
  • Mike Nealy
  • Frances Ryan
  • Stacy Smart
  • Monique Stairs
  • Lisa Sturtevant
  • Laura Willie
  • Jean Youde

Final Reform Work Project Plan

Develop a person-centered training platform and secure and maintain HCBS settings compliance.

Monthly Meeting Notes

  • September 2020

PowerPoints and Handouts

  • September 2020