WoodsWISE: Woods Wise Incentives to Stewardship Enhancement

Welcome to WoodsWISE, the Maine brand of Stewardship. Taking care of our woodlands is extremely important to the economy and well-being of our state. A key element of woodland stewardship is working with a professional forester to develop a management plan. The WoodsWISE Incentives program currently offers cost-share assistance for forest management planning known as a Woodland Resource Action Plan (WRAP). A WRAP will provide a good description of the current and potential values of your woodland, and a blueprint of activities to reach your objectives to maintain and improve your woods.

For more information, contact the Maine Forest Service’s Landowner Outreach Forester at (207) 287-8430, or a District Forester.

Information Sheet on Woods Wise Incentives Program
(PDF | 59 KB)
Some Useful Links:

Find your local District Forester

View a list of private consulting foresters eligible to prepare WRAPs (PDF | 281 KB)

An incentives program for Maine’s small family forests

WoodsWISE implements portions of the Forest Stewardship Program
with funding and other support provided by
the USDA Forest Service.

  • Iconic White Pine crop tree, Searsmont
  • Interpretive trail sign on the Spring Break self-guided forestry tour, Smyrna
  • Logger Will Cole converses with MFS District Forester Gordon Moore
  • MFS District Forester Merle Ring in the Ten Mile River Demonstration Forest, Brownfield
  • MFS District Forester Morten Moesswilde with kids at Hidden Valley Nature Center,Jefferson
  • MFS District Forester Patty Cormier advises a woodland owner
  • Snag tree managed for habitat AND safety, Searsmont
  • Thinned pine stand and piled pine logs, two types of woods products
  • Tree Farm inspection from the Tree House deck, Pine Tree Camp, Rome
  • Vernal pool workshop, Hatch Hill Tree Farm, Augusta

State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (SFSCC)