Wildfire Danger Report

The daily wildfire danger report has been shut down for the winter. It will resume operation in the spring of 2019. It is set to “low” fire danger so online burn permits can be issued. If you are a Town Fire Warden that needs access to the state online burn permit system, please contact Forest Ranger Specialist Kent Nelson at 207-287-4989 or kent.nelson@maine.gov.

If you would like to receive the class day via email or text, please contact your local forest ranger.

Trouble viewing the map below? Visit mainefireweather.org

Information on our new weather zone system

online burning permit Request an online burning permit

Town Fire Wardens are reminded to log on to www.maineburnpermit.com and enter emails so they will be notified when permits are issued. If you need administrative access, please call 1-800-750-9777.