Rules and Regulations

This page provides information about rules administered by the Maine Forest Service. 

Please note that all timber harvesting and related activities must also comply with any applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and ordinances. 

It is your responsibility, as landowner, Licensed Forester, or logger, to know and understand what rules, including municipal ordinances, apply to your timber harvesting and related activities.

Maine Forest Service strongly recommends that you:

  1. check with the town or municipality about any local ordinances that may apply to your activity.
  2. are familiar with ALL rules that apply to your activity BEFORE you begin your activities.
  3. plan your harvest well in advance!

If you have questions about the rules listed here, please contact your District Forester.

Timber Harvesting

Forest Practices Act

Forest Operations Notification Standards

Statewide Standards for Timber Harvesting in Shoreland Areas

As of January 1, 2013 organized towns that have decided to adopt statewide standards for timber harvesting and related activities in shoreland areas have had statewide standards go into effect. 

Towns that have either elected to retain their old shoreland zoning ordinance for timber harvesting or not taken action on statewide standards will continue under their old shoreland zoning rules until they take action.

Areas under the administration of the Land Use Planning Commission (formerly known as LURC) will also continue under current rules for the time being (see MFS Chapter 27 Rule, Standards for Timber Harvesting and Timber Harvesting Related Activities within Unorganized and Deorganized Areas of the State). 

Standards for Timber Harvesting and Timber Harvesting Related Activities within Unorganized and Deorganized Areas of the State

Stop Work Order

Timber Trespass and Timber Theft

Fee Schedule

Standards for Placing Wood into Stream Channels to Enhance Cold Water Fisheries Habitat

Liquidation Harvesting

Public Law 2003, Chapter 422 (LD 1616), An Act to Promote Stewardship of Forest Resources

Liquidation Timber Harvest Plan Guide (PDF | 17 KB)

Sample Subdivision Review Process for New Criterion #20 for Municipal Planning Boards

File Format: (PDF | 27 KB) | (Word | 204 KB)
Dated: April 10, 2008

Variance Petition Form (PDF | 74 KB)

Maine DEP Exemption Letter for Certified Erosion Control Forestry Contractors (PDF | 70 KB)

Fire Safety

Forest Health

Boundary Paint Marking Standards

Additional Information on Rules and Regulations from our Be Woods Wise website