Maine Harvest Satisfaction Survey

The Maine Forest Service has created a voluntary and confidential Harvest Satisfaction Survey. The questions cover areas such as your overall satisfaction with the harvest; how well the operation met your specific harvesting goals; the condition of your woods after the harvest; your satisfaction with the financial outcomes; the reaction of neighbors and the community; whether you had a written agreement with your logger, and how effective it was. The survey will also look at whether you worked with a licensed forester, and if so, what services the forester provided. There will be space for additional comments about your harvest.

  • The survey is completely voluntary and confidential
  • You can fill it out on paper or on-line.
  • You can access the on-line version at any time by going to the survey form.
  • MFS will automatically send you a paper version at a later time, after your harvest is done. If you would like a paper copy sooner, please let us know (see contact information below).

You may answer as many questions as you like. This is a confidential survey. Individual results will not be shared. The Maine Forest Service will communicate the combined results to the forestry community as a whole in order to help improve harvest outcomes. This information helps keep Maine’s forests healthy and supports the Maine Healthy Forests Program.

MFS encourages you to share your answers with your logger, forester and/or designated agent, or others as you choose. If you would like a PDF version of your completed on-line survey, let us know, and we will send it to you by e-mail.

MFS appreciates you actively managing your woodlands. By taking the time to return the survey, you are supplying key information that will help us show both successes and areas to improve for Maine’s forest industry. MFS thanks you in advance for your participation.

If you have any questions or comments about the Survey, please contact the MFS Landowner Outreach Forester at 207 287-8430 or