WoodsWISE: Woods Wise Incentives to Stewardship Enhancement

Welcome to WoodsWISE, the Maine brand of Stewardship. Taking care of our woodlands is extremely important to the economy and well-being of our state. A key element of woodland stewardship is working with a professional forester to develop a management plan. The WoodsWISE Incentives program currently offers cost-share assistance for forest management planning known as a Woodland Resource Action Plan (WRAP). A WRAP will provide a good description of the current and potential values of your woodland, and a blueprint of activities to reach your objectives to maintain and improve your woods.

For more information, contact the Maine Forest Service’s Landowner Outreach Forester at (207) 287-8430, or a District Forester.

Information Sheet on Woods Wise Incentives Program
(PDF | 59 KB)
Some Useful Links:

Find your local District Forester

View an alphabetical list of Stewardship Foresters (PDF | 100 KB). Stewardship Foresters are Maine licensed, private consultants, who have taken additional training and are eligible to prepare forest management plans that meet WoodsWISE Incentives Program standards.

View a map showing Stewardship Foresters locations. You can use this map to search for foresters near a specific town or municipality.

An incentives program for Maine’s small family forests

WoodsWISE implements portions of the Forest Stewardship Program
with funding and other support provided by
the USDA Forest Service.

  • Iconic White Pine crop tree, Searsmont
  • Interpretive trail sign on the Spring Break self-guided forestry tour, Smyrna
  • Logger Will Cole converses with MFS District Forester Gordon Moore
  • MFS District Forester Merle Ring in the Ten Mile River Demonstration Forest, Brownfield
  • MFS District Forester Morten Moesswilde with kids at Hidden Valley Nature Center,Jefferson
  • MFS District Forester Patty Cormier advises a woodland owner
  • Snag tree managed for habitat AND safety, Searsmont
  • Thinned pine stand and piled pine logs, two types of woods products
  • Tree Farm inspection from the Tree House deck, Pine Tree Camp, Rome
  • Vernal pool workshop, Hatch Hill Tree Farm, Augusta

State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (SFSCC)