Stewardship Foresters

Disclaimer: Location on the map may not always accurately represent address listed, however the address listed is the one provided by the Stewardship Forester, and is the same as found in the Stewardship Forester List.

Use the “zoom in” (+) function to find further geographic information such as county and town names and lines, roads and water bodies, etc.

Clicking on a blue cross will show the contact information for the Stewardship Forester with that approximate business location. The same information can be found in the Stewardship Forester List.

The inclusion of a name on these list does not imply a recommendation by the Maine Forest Service. We encourage you to check references and have a written contract for services.

View an alphabetical list of Stewardship Foresters (PDF | 101 KB). Stewardship Foresters are Maine licensed, private consultants, who have taken additional training and are eligible to prepare forest management plans that meet WoodsWISE Incentives Program standards.

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