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Welcome to our website! Please feel free to contact one of the Kennebec Woodland Partners, explore the resources presented in the Your Woodland Resource Guide, and check back with us frequently as both the forest resource and our web resource continue to grow.

The Kennebec Woodland Partnership is a county-based initiative launched in 2009 to provide tools and strategies to help landowners make informed decisions about their woodlands and ensure a sustainable future for the county's forests.
Share the excitement of Kennebec County’s woodlands….
  • A well-managed timber harvest yields white birch, red oak, and sugar maple crop trees well-spaced after thinning and crown spacing. Photo Andy Shultz
  • Dr. Aram Calhoun teaches the importance of thoughtful forest management practices around amphibian habitat, Augusta.  Photo credit Amanda Mahaffey
  • Enjoy a glorious summer sunset on Marancook Lake, Readfield. Photo credit Katie Jennings
  • Fantastic fall colors make Kennebec's woodlands a pleasant backyard spectacle at Sturtevant Farm.  Photo credit Arn & Leda Sturtevant
  • Springtime brings sugar maples into bloom on Richmond Hill Road in Wayne. Photo credit Andy Shultz
  • A family enjoys winter fun at Curtis Homestead in Leeds.  Photo credit Pam Bell

"I received my copy of woodland guide today. After quickly looking through it I can see that it's just what I need to get started on the process of managing my land. I wanted to thank you again for sending it my way & also for having this resource available to the public!" ~Nancy M.

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