About the Kennebec Woodland Partnership

Founded in 2009, the Kennebec Woodland Partnership is a regional conservation initiative focused on the sustainability of Kennebec County's woodlands and on a landscape-level approach to conservation. The Partners recognize that our local economy, wood products markets, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, water quality, and quality of life are directly connected to the long-term stewardship of our forests and farmlands and the watersheds they protect.

Kennebec Woodland Partners work together to present forest education programs for landowners, communities, schoolchildren, and natural resource professionals. Our goal is to promote forest stewardship by providing landowners with tools and strategies that will help them make informed decisions about their woodlands for the benefit of both present and future generations

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KWP has been funded by the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, and the Maine Community Foundation.