WoodsWise East:

Family Woodland Owners Improving Forest Bird Habitat and Restoring Fish Passage in eastern Maine

Many woodland owners want to maintain or improve wildlife habitat in their woodlands. The WoodsWise East program offers information, incentives, and assistance to help family woodland owners identify and improve habitat for forestland birds and Maine’s iconic cold water fish species – the Eastern Brook Trout.

Pictures of a woodcock, a brook trout, and a black-throated blue warbler

This program is available to woodland owners in Maine’s eastern and coastal watersheds (PDF | 7.3 MB)

Map of eastern Maine with majority of towns with hash marks indicating their inclusion in the Woods Wise East Porject area.

Woodland stewardship often includes working with professional foresters to assess forest conditions and develop a management plan. The WoodsWISE Incentives program offers cost-share assistance for forest management planning known as a Woodland Resource Action Plan (WRAP). Landowners in the project area are eligible for additional funding for new or upgraded management plans to address wildlife habitat conditions and needs.

For more information, contact the Maine Forest Service’s Landowner Outreach Forester at (207) 287-8430, or a District Forester.

WoodsWise East is a partnership of Maine Forest Service with Maine’s Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Maine TREE Foundation, Maine Tree Farm Program, and the Forest Stewards Guild.

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