WoodsWISE: State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (SFSCC)

The State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (SFSCC) meets from time to time  to provide comment and feedback on the Maine Forest Stewardship Program, aka the “Be Woods Wise” program. Meetings of the SFSCC, also known as the Stewardship Advisory Committee, are required under the authorities of the federal Forest Stewardship Program, which calls for “coordinating with partners to improve program delivery, including regularly convening a State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee.” This web page provides an opportunity to see the results of past meetings, and to offer further comments and suggestions.

  • Be Woods Wise slide show presentation
  • Dr. Aram Calhoun discusses aquatic habitat by a vernal pool
  • Kids learning in the woods, Litchfield Forestry Day
  • Logger and forester collaborate on a timber harvest
  • MFS District Forester Gordon Moore explains the forest AND the trees

The National Forest Stewardship Program Standards and Guidelines provide the underlying framework for the state program, including the elements required for inclusion in a Stewardship Forest Management Plan, among other things.

Please consider taking the time to fill out the Stewardship Advisory Committee Survey. This survey allows you to voice your thoughts and choices about various aspects of the Be Woods Wise™ Program. Your input is very much appreciated.

A wide range of individuals and entities are partners in this effort, including:

Representatives from these groups are invited to offer comment and feedback on the Maine Forest Service’s education and outreach portion of the state’s Forest Action Plan, including the WoodsWISE cost-share incentive program.

Past Meetings

Here are some of the presentations and results summaries from past Committee meetings:

2014 SAC Meeting Results (PDF | 89 KB)

State Assessment and Strategies—Where the Stewardship Program Fits (2010) (PDF | 424 KB)

Summary of March 2010 SAC Questions and Answers (PDF | 334 KB)

The Maine Forest Service Landowner Outreach Forester acts as the Stewardship program coordinator for the state. You can reach this individual at andrew.h.shultz@maine.gov, or 207 287-8430.