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Forms Description/Notes
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Microsoft Word
Form I-9   Employment Eligibility Verification Form
Form PER 10 Form PER 10 Personnel File Authorization Form
Form PER 14 Form PER 14 Official Notice of Layoff
Form PER 15 Form PER 15 Requisition for Certificate of Eligibles (Department of Corrections Only)
    -Instructions         -Instructions & Definitions for Certification Types
Form PER 18 Form PER 18 Request for Placement on the Reemployment Register
Form PER 51 Form PER 51 New Position Requisition Form
New Hire Forms    New Hire (link to all new hire paperwork)
Form PER 53 Form PER 53 General Employee Information
Form PER 54 Form PER 54 Termination Form
Form PER 61 Form PER 61 Trainee/Apprentice Agreement
Form PER 62 Form PER 62 Retroactive Personnel Record Adjustment Worksheet
Form PER 100a Form PER 100a Record of Employee Performance (Commendation)
Form PER 100b Form PER 100b Record of Employee Performance (Counseling)
Form PER 108A Form PER 108A Continuation of Benefits Coverage
Form PER 108t Form PER 108t Voluntary Employee Incentive Program Worksheet (2023-2025)
Form PER 115 Form PER 115 Voluntary Employee Incentive Program Application (2023-2025)
Form PER 116 Form PER 116 Five Percent Salary Option Form
Form PER 117 Form PER 117 Retirement Plan & Benefits Options Form
Form PER 117-A Form PER 117-A Substitute Teacher Retirement Option Form
Form PER 117-DA Form PER 117-DA District Attorney Retirement Option Form
  Form PER 119 Performance Management Form (with instructions)
Form PER 121 Form PER 121 Record of Employee Discipline
Form PER 130 Form PER 130 3 Month Probation Report
Form PER 131 Form PER 131 Verification Certification
Form FJA-1 Form FJA-1
Fillable FJA-1
FJA/ Administrative Report of Work Content (Instructions Included)
Form FJA-1P Form FJA-1P
Fillable FJA-1P
FJA/ Administrative Report of Work Content for Project Positions
  Form PER L-2 Record of Personnel Time (Not a Fillable Form)
Form SSA-1945   Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
  Mgt Proposed Reclass/Reorg Justification Form Management Proposed Reclassification/Reorganization Justification Form
  Hiring Justification Form State of Maine Hiring Justification Form